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Mikey’s Berlin Guide

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I always knew I’d like Berlin. Now would I fall in love with it was a tougher question. With people describing it as ‘New York of Europe’, I was more than intrigued. Finally this July I went there for 10 days and I surely did like it a lot. Cold rainy weather was really getting on my nerves, but the last 3 days of my trip were sunny and gorgeous, so I did manage to see Berlin as it is: …

Odessa chronicles

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I’m off to Berlin tomorrow (exciting!), so it’s a perfect time to recall my recent trip. Couple of days after I got back from the States my friends took me to Odessa, a famous Ukrainian seaside town. I’m not gonna bore you with words – just take a look at the video I’ve made and the best shots from the trip. (if the link doesn’t work, there’s another one under the cut)

Mikey Moscow’s Jawbreaker Party (17 March 2012)

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At my March party I decided to share my favorite movie ‘Jawbreaker’ with the guests and the friends. We kicked the night off watching Darren Stein’s cult classic on a big screen and then danced the night away to an energetic mix of current pop hits, some ‘Jawbreaker’ soundtrack excerpts (Shampoo and Imperial Teen) and some punchy pop punk numbers to keep the 90s spirit alive. As the movie’s climax takes place during the prom and Russian proms are usually …

Mikey Moscow’s Back Party

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Pop’s back in town. Tonight I’m spinning summer’s hottest tracks, throwing glitter and spreading the love across the dancefloor at ‘Mikey Moscow’s Back Party’ at ‘Darling, I’ll Call U Later’ bar (B. Strochenovskiy per., 7, Moscow). It’s my 5th party and the first one since I returned from my hurricane trip to USA, so expect extra drama. My 3-hour-long setlist features all the necessary evils of this summer like ‘Call Me Maybe’, ‘We Are Young’, ‘Wild Ones’ and ‘Starships’. Obviously, …

Man behind the pop: Interview with Dimitri Tikovoi

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My interview with London-based French pop producer/genius Dimitri Tikovoi was very spontaneous. I was interviewing Maya von Doll (of SohoDolls) before her solo gig in Moscow this March. Turned out she had arrived with Dimitri Tikovoi, her producer and collaborator on Nicola Roberts (brilliant) album. ‘Let’s do an interview, once I’m done with Maya’ – I suggested to a man, responsible for a long and diverse list of marvelous tunes, from Placebo’s ‘Meds’ album to Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s ‘If I Can’t …

Horror enciclopedia, pt.1 and 2

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Horror is my thing, so I enjoy every opportunity to write about it. Here are the links to my huge horror-related piece I did for Kinopoisk.ru website. The first was based on the interviews I’ve taken during ‘Eye Gore Awards’ at Universal Studios Hollywood back in October 2011. It features video interviews with Tim Sullivan (’2001 maniacs’, ‘Chillerama’), Anton Troy (‘Chillerama’), Tom Holland (‘Child’s Play’), Jamie Kennedy (‘Scream 1 & 2′), Calico Cooper (Alice Cooper’s daughter), Adam Rifkin (‘Chillerama’, ‘Look’), …

Frédéric Beigbeder – Playboy Russia (March 2012)

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My article on French writer Frédéric Beigbeder, who gained a lot of fame in Russia with his cynical novels. The article was published in time for the premiere of Beigbeder’s directorial debut.

Hard candy: Darren Stein re-visits his cult 90’s flick ‘Jawbreaker’

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Despite its lack of fame ‘Jawbreaker’ is a perfect example of what teen cinema looked like in the late-90s. It was dark, smart, tongue-in-cheek, self-aware, colorful (but not glossy!) and iconic. Much like ‘Scream’ and ‘Buffy’ did several years before, ‘Jawbreaker’ blended pop cultural references, post-modernism and dark humor into one hell of a ‘Heathers’-meets-‘Carrie’ mix, which to these days does not look dated thanks to Stein’s ability to create timeless style. The movie told a story of three of …

Mikey Moscow’s Party (21 January 2012)

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Here’s a photo report from my party at “Darling, I’ll Call U Later…” bar in Moscow. Together with my friend DJ Laurie we kept on introducing out beautiful friends to each other, as well as inviting them to the dancefloor: Laurie spinned her juicy mix of funk and soul, while I played mu usual energetic kitsch-pop collection, where E-Type followed Hooverphonic, and Russian late 80′s pop band “Zvezdy” met The Killers. It was all friendly, fun and literally covered in …

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