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My recent articles for MTVIggy.com Girls on Fire report 12 Interesting Ukrainian Acts


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This Saturday. New bar. New music. Same fun.

The Boy Next Door

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Do yourself a favor – go see ‘The Boy Next Door’ movie: the one where the ever-youthful Jennifer Lopez is playing a teacher who becomes an object of obsession of a hunky and maniacal young neighbour. I promise: it’s ever more hilarious than ’50 shaded of Grey’. Bad news: it’s not a musical (although there’s a Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth playing a vice principal and JLo’s songs would make a perfect soundtrack for this passionate story). It’s not even a …


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There are songs that bring back the memories and then there are TV shows that define the whole eras of your life. I will forever treasure Buffy the Vampire Slayer as the show that helped me settle into my teenage years or the campy-yet-charming 90210 remake that was launched when I was 18, becoming the show that at times mirrored my love dramas (hey, maybe that’s why my romantic life has been such a trainwreck!). And then there was Glee, …

Charli XCX interview

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There are artists you’re just meant to interview and Charli XCX was always on my list. So I started my Moscow chat with the I Love It/Fancy/Boom Clap hitmaker Charli XCX in December 2014 with the excited ‘It’s so nice to finally meet you‘. I mean, I’ve been hearing great things about Charli from her musician friends like Maya von Doll for years now. We only had about 5 minutes before her (rather random) gig at the opening of the …

Russian indie music report for MTV Iggy

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This is my biggest article of 2015 – and my biggest one in English so far. I tried to figure out for MTV Iggy website what it’s like to be an indie musician in Moscow in 2015:

Clean Bandit spreading the love

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Last night Clean Bandit performed in Moscow at Love Radio’s Big Love Show. The show’s a big celebration of mostly Russian pop music, so the recent Grammy award winners did stood out quite a bit. Especially when Grace Chatto in perfect Russian addressed the band’s support to all kinds of love in her unexpected impromptu speech. As if I wasn’t a huge fan of this adorable violoncellist before! Here’s my recording of the speech: She basically said: “Today is the …

Christina Milian talks body parts

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Okay, so ‘Christina Milian Turned Up’ reality show is getting more and more iconic with each episode. Last night’s one was dedicated to Christina’s attempts at getting a ‘marge’ booty (that’s a medium large sized donk, as I’ve learned) by visiting a twerking class followed by a trip to a plastic surgeon’s office. Obviously, the subject matter got Christina and her big sister Danielle all philosophical and I just had to share the best quotes with all of you.

Grammy-ed out

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The Grammys (or should I say The Sammys as the show was apparently dedicated solely to the wonders of Sam Smith) are behind us. It was too much of a deal for me to write just one article on it, so I did two and also participated in the live-chat with the editor of SVOY.ru Here’s my where are they now-esque piece on the artists who’s won Grammy as a ‘Best New Artist’ for the last 10 years. The answers …

Sleeping in style with Sweetmaybe Dreams

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Sleeping mask is a rather underrated accessory, isn’t? Well, thanks to my friend Nasty Maybe and her DIY-brand ‘Sweetmaybe Dreams’ you will stay in style both in the real and dream world. Nastya’s got lots of options when it comes to her witty sleeping masks (the prices start at 500 rubles apiece). The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ones have to be my favorites but she also has some sexy pink furry ones. Nastya’s based in Moscow but you can order …