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Anti-snow look for spring 2014

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It’s literally snowing in Moscow right now but having escaped most of the winter in the warm parts of the USA, I really cannot complain. Plus – it’s a perfect opportunity to rock my neon beanie from H&M and outrageous golden-lettered-sweatshirt from Forever21.

Cosmopolitan Russia: Katie Cassidy

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If you ever met me for more than one second, you probably know that one of my biggest obsessions in life is 2009′s flop remake/sequel of ‘Melrose Place‘. While the show pretty basic, it had one huge success – fantastic Katie Cassidy as a bitch-with-a-golden-heart fashionista-publicist named Ella Simms. So obviously I couldn’t miss an opportunity to write a piece for Cosmopolitan Russia on Katie’s recent success as an actress (she’s the female lead on The CW’s ‘Arrow‘) and a …


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Two of my recent parties in Moscow. See, I can be both sweet… … and (kinda) vicious. The next ones are set for April, 11th and 19th and I’ll tell you all about them in a bit.

Whores & Horns Birthday

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I realized I never told you about my 24th Birthday celebration. Obviously, it had to have a very classy name – so I settled with ‘Whores & Horns’. It also needed a killer poster – that’s where my photographer friend Olga Karabchevskaya helped me. I was celebrating at ‘BORODACH’ bad and was dressed in a faux-latex catsuit I got in Chicago and some Halloween-store-sale devil goodies. Some people also came in prepared I even performed with my friends from ‘Chaos …

Sohodolls are back: Interview with Maya von Doll about ‘Mayday’ EP

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I’m not going to lie: I have a very soft spot for miss Maya von Doll. First of all, she’s responsible for one of the best electro-rock-pop bangers of the 00s called, well, ‘Stripper’ (you really can’t go wrong with such title). But even when she’s not shouting ‘Hey, stripper!’, Maya stays magical, seductive and a bit tongue-in-cheek no matter what she’s doing: rocking the stage as the boss of Sohodolls, dropping hot electro beats as a solo artist or …

It’s all about HER: Interview with Veva

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You can’t do an iconic teen movie without a punchy soundtrack. And Darren Stein got it right with the ‘GBF’ – just like he did 15 years ago with the ‘Jawbreaker’ OST. One of the highlights of the ‘GBF’ soundtrack is Veva’s ‘HER’ – delicious electro pop number with a killer chorus: ‘H, my hips, E, emotion, R, the rhythm’ (spelling and pop music always blend very well). I chatted with the girl behind the hips, emotions and the rhythm. …

‘Cause we’re the LOVE GENERATION

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Come party Valentine-style at my ‘Love Generation’ party in Moscow this Friday.

GBF: 10 best quotes

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GBF, Darren Stein-directed recent teen classic, finally hits DVD in the States today, and that’s one comedy you should not miss: it’s charming, smart, sexy and has way too many memorable one-liners. So many that it was quite hard for me to narrow it down to the ten best ones. But I did anyway and apparently I’m Team Fawcett (portrayed by ridiculously cute Sasha Pieterse from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ – can you believe that girl is only 17?!). ‘Jawbreaker’/’Mean Girls’/John …

Top 10 movies of 2013

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Spring Breakers Swag-tastic trip to the Disneyland for the YOLO generation : think #neonnightmare or a #dubstepfairytail. I’m pretty certain that’s exactly what ‘Tumblr: The movie’ would look like. And being a part of the ADD generation, I can’t help but love all the crazy imagery, rave-friendly soundtrack and Disney-stars-gone-rogue cast. Bling Ring Another dreamy trip into the lives of the media-savvy youth of the 00s. Sophia Coppola keeps her poker face and never makes it clear what we’re getting …

NYC vlog 7: NYE in Williamsburg

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This is my first American winter and I was looking forward to my first NYE party. And honestly it couldn’t have been better: we had a killer party at Williamsburg and I didn’t even get a killer hangover (which is always a big plus). I DJed, I danced, I laughed. Here’s what it looked like: