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NYC blog 2013: “The Mutilated”

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It seems to me there’s always an interesting Tennessee Williams play on every time I visit New York. Last time my good friend and a fantastic actress Alison Fraser invited me to see her at ‘In Masks  Outrageous and Austere’ and this Wednesday I saw ‘The Mutilated’ at The New Ohio Theater. The main attraction for me was Mink Stole – who I adore for her over-the-top characters in John Water’s trash classics and her recent  part in ‘All About Evil’ movie (do check it out!).

When you have Mink Stole and Penny Arcade as your leads in a Tennessee Williams play, you do expect the outcome to be loud, kitschy and hilarious – and it’s all those things for sure. But ‘The Mutilated’ is also quite a tragic story filled with the feel of puffy desperation – like a glass of fizzled out champagne. The true drama here doesn’t necessarily come from its heroines less-than-inspiring fates but from the multifarious idea that sometimes the only people who can really ‘get us’ are the ones who we consider our sworn enemies. And the cruel friendship (or charming war for that matter) that these two tragic-yet-charming ladies are having here makes it one hell of a fun ride for the viewers (and sometimes – for themselves, too). It’s campy but never trashy – a true success for the director Cosmin Chivu. The other obvious achievements here include an impressive and clever stage design and several choir numbers that add surprising epic vibe to the narration.


Plus as a nice post-show bonus there’s Tennessee Williams ‘Memoirs’ with John Waters signature that you can buy in the lobby for 20 bucks.

The show’s on until December 1, so hurry up! More info at http://www.newohiotheatre.org/themutilated.htm


USA vlog 1

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The first entry in my USA vlog 2013: yesterday had to be filmed – an interview, a haircut, a Metric concert and a party.

NYC blog 2013: ‘Nice to meet you’ by Marco Santaniello

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There’s no denying the spirit of Andy Warhol is very much present in New York’s artistic landscape. Every time I visit the city there’s some sort of Warholian action. This time around I got to the opening of the ‘Nice to meet you’ exhibition at Tazza Gallery (547 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001)by self-proclaimed superstar artist Marco Santaniello. Marco’s work takes pop art rules to a whole new level: it’s aggressively colorful, stuffed with pop icons’ portraits and serves as a perfect example of ‘eye candy’ art. The exhibition is small but surprisingly diverse: from the re-imagined portraits of Terry Richardson to New York’s landscapes, from David Bowie to Kate Moss.

The exhibition at Tazza Galllery runs until December 12, so you have plenty of time to get your slice of pop culture.


‘Witches of East End’ are here

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Even though I never watched any of the new (post-Buffy) supernatural series, ‘Witches of East End’ was an easy sell to me. First of all, it had the most epic 90s-inspired trashy teaser ever.

Secondly, I adored Jenna Dewan (I mean Dewan-Tatum) for a long time – ever since she played that sexy zombie chick ‘Tamara’. The rest of the cast was involved with other favorites of mine: Madchen Amick was on ‘Damages’, Nicholas Gonzalez played basically the same role on ‘Melrose Place’, Virginia Madsen was stunning in both ‘Candyman’ and ‘The Number 23’, Tom Lenk came right from ‘Buffy’/’Angel’, Rachel Boston was a cute LA hippie in ‘It’s a Disaster’ and Jason George brought some childhood memories about ‘Sunset Beach’.

So here’s what I thought about the pilot:

Overall it’s better than I expected. It’s well-paced, the dialogs are well-written and luckily there’s more action than soap.

This is very ‘Charmed’ but with more of a season-long plot (instead of ‘baddie of the week’ angle).

The curse is a good idea. Hope we get tons of delicious flashbacks.

Jenna Dewan is still ridiculously hot and her leopard-printed white robe is a fashion must.

There’s not enough Virginia Madsen, but I’m sure it will be improved soon (as the season’s trailer during the end credits kinda gave her ‘agenda’ away).

The best line of the pilot came from Amick’s aunt Wendy: ‘I can’t believe I got hit by a car. That’s almost as dumb as the time I died from syphilis’.

The making out at the beach with a topless long-haired hunk is as cheesy as it gets.

The conversations between both sets of sisters are the best part of the show so far, while the special effects are pretty bad.

Consider me hooked.

I call it ‘Freak Chic’

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My DJing marathon is going strong: this Saturday will mark my 4th weekend in a row spinning pop music and throwing glitter at people. This Sat I’m going back to my beloved bar ‘Darling, I’ll Call U Later’ (B.Strochenovkiy, 7) to make everyone dance at ‘Freak Chic’ party. Expect crazy outfits and latest bangers (as well as some evergreen hits). The fun begins at 9pm.

And don’t forget to tweet/Instagram using #mikeymoscowparty



Going North!

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My party-every-weekend plan is going strong. This Saturdays I’m leaving Moscow for my first ever DJ gig in stunning Saint Petersburg: I’ll be spinning some catchy pop from 22 to 3.30 in a ‘scientific bar’ ‘Epsilon’ at Lomonosova, 13. There’s going to be a group of people from Kazantip, too, so the party’s going to be quite hot. Can’t wait to see all of my Northern friends!

#mikeydance: WILD

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During our July trip to Spain me and my friends got to Biarritz and it was insanely beautiful. I knew I had to capture that moment somehow and hey, what’s a better way to do that than dance on the beach? So here it is – my choreography to Jessie J ‘Wild’.

Mikey Moscow’s Band Power

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My recent party ‘BAND POWER’ was all about the power of girlbands and boybands and it was predictably wild: glitter, fake fur, dirty dancing. Here are some of the best shots from the party. The next one’s, well, tomorrow!

Read more


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Mikey Moscow's NEON IS ON Mix

It’s about time I made a mix – so here we go: my debut attempt mixing some of the music I’m playing tonight at my NEON IS ON party. It’s also downloadable and workout/jogging friendly;)

Nick Thayer – Like Boom
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz – Thrift Shop (RSK & Hipster Magee Remix)
Katy Tiz – Red Cup
Iggy Azealia – Bounce
Kreayshawn – Go Hard (Dave Aude Dirty Extended)
Jennifer Lopez – Live It Up
Rihanna ft David Guetta – Right Now (Mike Boot Remix)
Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful (Panic City Remix)
Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera – Feel This Moment (Sidney Samson Remix)
Kelly Clarkson – People Like Us (Show & Tell Radio Edit)
Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble (Codeko Dubstep Remix)
Stafford Brothers feat. Lil Wayne & Christina Milian – Hello (Elso Remix)

Mikey Moscow’s 2003 Party

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I’m off to Saint Petersburg today to interview Little Boots, but I’ll be back in Moscow Saturday morning – just in time to get ready for the next ‘Mikey Moscow’s Party’. This time it’s retro-pop night with us celebrating the ever-lasting glory of 2003’s biggest hits – from ‘Sound of the Underground’ to ‘In Da Club’, from ‘Crazy in love’ to ‘Hole in the Head’. The party starts at 9pm at the ‘Darling, I’ll Call U Later’ bar at B.Strochenovskiy, 7. Can’t wait to dance the night away with all of you!

And here’s a little reminder on how amazing that particular year in music was.