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Hard candy: Darren Stein re-visits his cult 90’s flick ‘Jawbreaker’

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Despite its lack of fame ‘Jawbreaker’ is a perfect example of what teen cinema looked like in the late-90s. It was dark, smart, tongue-in-cheek, self-aware, colorful (but not glossy!) and iconic. Much like ‘Scream’ and ‘Buffy’ did several years before, ‘Jawbreaker’ blended pop cultural references, post-modernism and dark humor into one hell of a ‘Heathers’-meets-‘Carrie’ mix, which to these days does not look dated thanks to Stein’s ability to create timeless style. The movie told a story of three of …

Mikey Moscow’s Party (21 January 2012)

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Here’s a photo report from my party at “Darling, I’ll Call U Later…” bar in Moscow. Together with my friend DJ Laurie we kept on introducing out beautiful friends to each other, as well as inviting them to the dancefloor: Laurie spinned her juicy mix of funk and soul, while I played mu usual energetic kitsch-pop collection, where E-Type followed Hooverphonic, and Russian late 80′s pop band “Zvezdy” met The Killers. It was all friendly, fun and literally covered in …