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Mikey Moscow’s Gaga Party (6 April 2012)

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The first party I ever organized was a Lady Gaga-themed party back in March 2009. This year I decided to do it all over again, so I’ve turned my monthly ‘Mikey Moscow’s Party’ into a Gaga-fest with ‘The Fame Moster Ball’ concert screening, countless Gaga hits in my DJ setlist and a costume competition (see the photos to find out who scored the complimentary Jagermeister bottle). With glitter, dancing and laughing we did our best to pay tribute to Gaga’s …

Ticket Scalping – Playboy Russia (February 2012)

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One of the biggest stories I’ve ever written was an article on ticket scalping for Russian Playboy in February 2012. The impulse for the story was the news of The Bolshoi Theater’s crazy ticket prices. Plus there’s some kind of information about Lady Gaga’s gig in Moscow.

Mikey’s Berlin Guide

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I always knew I’d like Berlin. Now would I fall in love with it was a tougher question. With people describing it as ‘New York of Europe’, I was more than intrigued. Finally this July I went there for 10 days and I surely did like it a lot. Cold rainy weather was really getting on my nerves, but the last 3 days of my trip were sunny and gorgeous, so I did manage to see Berlin as it is: …