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Your next favorite boyband is here

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The X Factor UK is in full swing – the boot camp is over and I can surely say that we’ve already seen and heard this season’s pop-Godzilla. Simon Cowell’s new weapon of massive destruction is a 8-piece boyband which is currently titled New Boy Band (I say keep the name – it’s genius!). Surely it was only a matter of time before UK would start adopting K-pop’s approach to boy/girlbands (which is rather simple – the bigger the better). …

Il Centimetro

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It’s no surprise an accessory can make or break the whole look, so I’m always on the lookout for some clever little additions to my wardrobe. And Italian ‘Il Centimetro’ bracelets I saw at the Milan’s Rude Concept store were love at first sight for me and my friends. We all ended up buying ourselves those bracelets to have something unique and colorful from out recent trip to France and Italy (I got the white&gold one for 39 euros). They …

10 songs for the perfect Saturdays

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The Saturdays are quite an interesting band. They’ve been around for 6 years – eternity in a female pop world – yet they hardly ever crossed any boundaries: no scandals, no dramas, no big experiments – just a lot of marriages, polite smiles and lazy dancing. But even though they played it rather safe for most of their career, they still managed to release an impressive collection of enjoyable bangers. With their first (and let’s hope not last) greatest hits …