Interview with Daniel Teleky Toth

What’s a journalist’s path if you don’t end up in some surprising places. This September I set out to a tiny Hungarian town named Komlo for its first ever movie festival Het Domb Filmfesztival (Seven Hills Festival, if that’s easier) to see some old time LA friends and make some new ones.

These were extra packed and friendly three days. I went to spa with the villain from Mad Max/Commando, sneaked into a hot tub at night, ate tons of weird meat, curated Q&A session for upcoming horror/western extravaganza “Rusty Revolver” (watch this space) on stage, drank gallons of palinka, took way too many interviews, learned about chanting and literally saw a couple of deer in the headlights crossing the road at night.

As for the interviews, here’s the first one I’m sharing: Daniel Komlo ft. Mikey Moscow. At least one of these dudes knows Brad Pitt and George Clooney. The other one’s got a cooler jacket. Up-and-coming actor Daniel Teleky Toth (“Suburbicon”, “War Machine”) talks going from a tiny Hungarian town to huge Hollywood movie sets, meeting Brad Pitt, stealing a lighter from George Clooney and fighting hangovers in the process.

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