Mikey Moscow’s Jawbreaker Party (17 March 2012)

At my March party I decided to share my favorite movie ‘Jawbreaker’ with the guests and the friends. We kicked the night off watching Darren Stein’s cult classic on a big screen and then danced the night away to an energetic mix of current pop hits, some ‘Jawbreaker’ soundtrack excerpts (Shampoo and Imperial Teen) and some punchy pop punk numbers to keep the 90s spirit alive. As the movie’s climax takes place during the prom and Russian proms are usually quite shady compared to the American ones, I organized a voting for bar’s king and queen. In a surprise turn of events we ended up having two kings (both my friends and both named Alexey) and one lucky queen Yana. They got their crowns and corsages and I got my fun throwing glitter at them. No backstabbing and public humiliation that night, sorry.

By the way you can read my interview with ‘Jawbreaker’ director Darren Stein here.

Over 30 photos under the cut

Party’s poster:

The kings and the queen:

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