Quick review of ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’

‘An Unexpected Journey’ is pretty awesome in its details, yet in whole it looks pretty pointless. On one hand we have spectacular cinematography, impressive villains and the return of our beloved characters (the Gollum scene is a real masterpiece). On the other – the plot is all about ‘let’s go from A to B’, the movie is too slow-paced and it seriously lacks pathos (which works for a novel, but disappoints in the Jackson universe). At some point I got the impression that I was watching either a movie based on a videogame (‘Now there are trolls, now there are orcs!’) or an unreasonably expensive fanfic (which is closer to the truth). But Jackson is too busy persuading us that ‘Hobbit’ is a blockbuster and not just a naïve fantasy. While basing it on the story of gnomes (!) fighting for their enormous castle. At least in the finale (it may be a SPOILER) we get an impressive shot of something that Russian hipsters will most likely describe as pure SWAG: the dragon is sleeping inside the mountain made of pure gold. Now that’s something you don’t see on the big screen often these days (if only Die Antwoord were playing during that scene…). The verdict: it’s a very smooth top-quality production which has huge commercial potential, yet I think it would make much more sense to just re-watch the original trilogy.

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