NYC blog 2013: “The Mutilated”

It seems to me there’s always an interesting Tennessee Williams play on every time I visit New York. Last time my good friend and a fantastic actress Alison Fraser invited me to see her at ‘In Masks  Outrageous and Austere’ and this Wednesday I saw ‘The Mutilated’ at The New Ohio Theater. The main attraction for me was Mink Stole – who I adore for her over-the-top characters in John Water’s trash classics and her recent  part in ‘All About Evil’ movie (do check it out!).

When you have Mink Stole and Penny Arcade as your leads in a Tennessee Williams play, you do expect the outcome to be loud, kitschy and hilarious – and it’s all those things for sure. But ‘The Mutilated’ is also quite a tragic story filled with the feel of puffy desperation – like a glass of fizzled out champagne. The true drama here doesn’t necessarily come from its heroines less-than-inspiring fates but from the multifarious idea that sometimes the only people who can really ‘get us’ are the ones who we consider our sworn enemies. And the cruel friendship (or charming war for that matter) that these two tragic-yet-charming ladies are having here makes it one hell of a fun ride for the viewers (and sometimes – for themselves, too). It’s campy but never trashy – a true success for the director Cosmin Chivu. The other obvious achievements here include an impressive and clever stage design and several choir numbers that add surprising epic vibe to the narration.


Plus as a nice post-show bonus there’s Tennessee Williams ‘Memoirs’ with John Waters signature that you can buy in the lobby for 20 bucks.

The show’s on until December 1, so hurry up! More info at


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