10 Things We Want From Ryan Murphy’s ‘Scream Queens’


Ryan Murphy just announced his next series – a horror comedy anthology ‘Scream Queens’ that will premiere in the fall 2015. The plot will revolve around two scream queens in the midst of the college campus massacre. As it’s still a year from now and as I’ll always be very sensible about 90s slashers, here’s my list of demands for the show.

1. There must be cameos (or even better – secondary characters) by the most important 90s scream queens. The top 3 are Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Neve Campbell, obviously.

2. The gore must be spectacular – no lazy it-happened-off-camera kills.

3. Just because it’s gonna be a comedy it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to spooky. Think ‘Scream 2’ instead of ‘Scream 3’.

4. “Everyone’s a suspect” is a must.

5. There must be some sort of the 80s vs 90s vs 00s slasher showdown. Maybe have 3 scream queens, maybe 3 villains from different horror eras.

6. The comedy aspect is the only thing I’m skeptical about so far, so please make it right. Maybe just a have a weird Brittany-like character (just like in ‘Glee’) and make her a lunatic geek. That will provide enough fun if the casting is right (meaning: if she will be played by Heather Morris or Anna Faris).

7. The killer’s look should be absolutely iconic.

8. Kevin Williamson should be involved somehow: at the end of the day he WAS the 90s slashers. Maybe cast him in the role of the college’s chancellor.

9. The survivor girl(s) must be cool and not some boring virgin (she can still be virgin – just not boring!). Learn all you need to learn from the ‘Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon’ movie about breaking the rules.

10. No singing. Absolutely no singing.

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