Lost River

Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut ‘Lost River’ left me with a lot of mixed feelings.

I do like such stories: all of this small town Americana romanticism, odd teens, confused adults, urban myths, coming-of-age-plot, neon, metal, glitter, blood, fire, woods. But Gosling is not quite there yet.

I saw some bits of ‘Drive’ here (neon + blood), some Cronenberg (the ‘shells’ room), some Lynch (the freakshow of a town and Eva Mendes’ gory variety show) and some bits of Araki’s early films (teens with that age-long sadness on their faces). But I didn’t see Gosling The Director there, and some of his camera acrobatics did make me feel dizzy. I think he’d be better off directing someone else’s script (or at least team up with another writer). But it’s still a decent debut. Let’s see what he’s doing next.

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