Fall TV Previews

The main TV season isn’t even over yet (I still have the final episodes of ‘The Royals’ and ‘The Following’ to enjoy after ‘Revenge’ and ‘Glee’ recently died their slow deaths), but networks are already lining up their freshly recruited TV warriors. In other words: the season of the fall previews is up. I decided to check out most of them and describe what I’ve seen in couple of words – solely based on the trailers. Spoiler alert: I was hardly impressed by most of it.

Click on the shows’ titles to see the (mostly painfully long) trailers.

Supergirl looks like a Sesame Street remake of Superman.

Scream Queens looks like a Scooby Doo remake of Sorority Row.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend looks like a mediocre Funny or Die skit.

Grandfather looks like a PG-rated Adam Sandler movie (that’s a compliment).

Blindspot looks like a throwaway Luc Besson flick.

Limitless looks, well, like a Bradley Cooper-less Limitless (that’s hardly a compliment).

Lucifer looks like a very gay version of ‘Angel’ series.

Angel from Hell looks like a tedious SNL skit.

Legends of Tomorrow looks like a Asylum Studio (one word: Sharknado) remake of The Avengers.

Containmentlooks like a Soderbergh’s Contagion with soap opera twist instead of the A-listers.

Oil looks like a Dallas/Final Destination crossover nobody ever asked for.

Wicked City looks like a The Following/True Detective deranged and horny offspring.

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