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Горячая венгерская десятка

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Я пережил Sziget. И готов много чего рассказать и показать с самого безумного европейского фестиваля, но пока читайте мой «официальный» отчет: рассказ об отличных венгерских артистах, которых я успел услышать на Сигете.


I’ve survived Sziget. There’s a lot I can (and will!) tell and show from Europe’s craziest festival, that took place a week ago in Budapest, but for now — here’s my ‘official’ report: a list of great Hungarian artists I’ve seen at the festival.


From gypsies to drum’n’bass-loving rockers, Sziget festival gave us a great idea on what Hungarian music sounds like today. One of Europe’s biggest festivals is over and we’re still recovering from the all partying, palinka drinking and culture-absorbing. The line-up was truly crazy and monstrous: from Major Lazer to Limp Bizkit, from Ellie Goulding to Robbie Williams, to just to name a few. Luckily, we also managed to explore the local scene and discover 10 Hungarian acts you need to hear right now.

Irie Maffia

No wonder this gigantic band was getting a VIP treatment at the festival: they got to perform at the main stage on the opening day and also recorded Sziget 2015’s catchy anthem called ‘Easy As One Two Three’. The band is fronted by Ghana-based singer Sena Dagadu (who has a big smile and an ever bigger voice) and two rappers, MC Colombo and Papa Diamont. Irie Maffia is famous for its spectacular performances and a wide arrange of genres they toy with – from dancehall and reggae to rock and funk. And they do make it all look easy as one two three.


Proving that Hungarians are great with multitasking, Irie Maffia’s MC Colombo is also fronting this drum’n’bass/rock band. Brains’ formed over 20 years ago, survived multiple line-up changes and experimented with their sound quite a bit, until finally settling down for a bombastic mix of radio-friendly mixture of drum and rock. After seeing their take-no-prisoners gig at Sziget and hearing their hit ‘Budapest Tours’ all we want to know is where do we sign up for such tour?

Anna and the Barbies

How come Lady Gaga and Die Antwoord’s Yolandi never told us they have a mutual older sister named Anna hidden in Hungary?! Anna Pasztor, the leader of Anna and the Barbies, came to stage all ready to shock and rock: with grotesque black-and-white makeup covering her face, in a long red coat and tall red hat, not unlike the ones you’d see at a magic show. Band’s gig featured dancers covered in gold bodypaint and lots of stadium-ready rock tunes – think Guillermo del Toro directing a Barbie commercial.

Ivan and the Parazol

“Let’s get fucking mental” – is always a nice way to kick off your show. In Ivan Viraris’ mind ‘going mental’ means playing with all kinds of 60s and 70s rock influences while holding a shaker and waving his hippie hairdo to the comforting sounds of vintage guitars. The standout track had a perfect flower power title ‘Whatever’ and featured enough ‘woo-hoos’ and clapping sounds to ship us back to the pre-Internet era.


These days Romani people (the largest minority in Hungary) face a lot of problems in the country, but luckily all the political and social issues were left far behind when this virtuosic band stepped on the stage. The band’s official tagline is ‘Gypsy music from Hungary’ which pretty much gives you an idea of what to expect from the Monika Lakatos-fronted collective: they’re loud, soulful and mystic.

Mary Popkids

Self-proclaimed ‘indie band from the future’ brought a special acoustic set to the festival. Listing tons of artists from Kanye West to The XX as their influences, the band never shied away from experimenting with their sound, which seems to be an ongoing trend in Hungarian music, doesn’t it? As for the future, it does seem bright for the ambitious band: they have a packed live schedule up until the end of the year.

Middlemist Red

This psych-rock band borrowed its name from the world’s rarest camellia and their career has been blooming since 2012. Think catchy hooks, striking music videos and vocalist Soma Nóvé’s trademark black hat. Check out these guys if you need an additional 70s-rock fix after the new Tame Impala record.


Tired of Hozier’s religious ballads by now? Then this bearded Hungarian is right up your alley. Zanzinger is a stage name of Daniel Micsoda, who cites Bob Dylan as his main inspiration and says he plays ‘the sort of folk music that takes place in the present and tells how we feel’. With song titles like ‘It’s Raining In My Lungs’, Zanzinger obviously feels quite bluesy most of the times.


This foursome has been rocking around for a while now: the rock band was formed back in 2001 and cemented its place in Hungarian rock hall of fame with their easy-going attitude and a string of anthems. And although they sing in Hungarian, you can still enjoy the music: their mix of punk, rock and garage rock will surely get you jumping up and down.

Punnany Massif

This veteran hip-hop band was formed in 2003 and has 10 existing members and 5 past ones: apparently, that’s how many people you need to create the band’s ‘social funk’ sound, filled with stories about the lives of ‘the real Hungarians’. So if you want to learn more about Hungary, visit band’s show after you climbed to the top of Budapest’s central basilica and had a healthy dose of palinka.

Интервью с Ciara

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Преданным поклонником Ciara я стал в тот же момент, когда услышал удивительно цепкий бит ее дебютного сингла Goodies в 2005-м. И хотя имена множества ее коллег по r’n'b-делам с тех пор уже мало кто помнит, Сиэра остается на плаву и продолжает выпускать новые альбомы. Я был очень рад наконец-то пообщаться с певицей накануне выхода ее шестой пластинки ‘Jackie’.

Русский перевод беседы вышел на сайте Cosmopolitan Russian, а оригинал читайте ниже.

A lot of things happened in your life since the release of your previous album. What’s been the highlight?

The highlight was of course having my son. It’s been probably the sweetest moment in my life.

How did motherhood change you?

Being a mom changed me in a necessary way. Having a child helped to ground me more. Now the word ‘responsibility’ has a whole new meaning to it. And I also feel like I have a better idea and bigger purpose for why I do what I do.

What do we need to know about ‘Jackie’?

My album ‘Jackie’ really is my best body of work to date, I really believe that. I’ve pushed myself more than I’ve ever pushed myself over the years. My main goal was to make it as positive as possible. I wanted to express my happy energy as I’m honestly in the happiest place I’ve ever been in life. That’s what this album is about.

You’re comfortable with both midtempo and bangers. What’s the favorite though?

It’s hard to pick one… I love the song ‘Give Me Love’. I also love the opening song ‘B.M.F.’. The song that I dedicated to my son called ‘I Got You’.

We’ve seen a lot of r’n’b singers come and go yet you’re luckily still here and on your sixth album. What about your working ethic makes you so consistent?

First of all I feel so blessed to be able to be working in this industry for 13 years. I guess it has to do with me having big goals and big dreams. I know that they’re all possible and that’s what keeps me going. I love what I do: I spend each day doing exactly what I want.

Tell me about your Cavalli collaboration?

Oh my God, this is awesome! Honestly I’m truly honored. It’s so funny because almost a year and a half ago I was dancing with Roberto Cavalli in Dubai when he came to my set. So I was very honored to be a part of the new campaign.

Does it mean that you may do more modeling for now on?

I definitely want to do more collaborations with fashion. It would be very fun to merge the music and the fashion worlds together.

What’s one thing people don’t know or don’t realize about Ciara?

It is a tough questions. Cause I do express myself a lot on the social media, so I feel like my fans get to know me more. I can be very goofy and silly. I love having fun and making the best of life. My performances sometimes are so high energy, so my fans think that I’m… Oh, well, I don’t know what my fans think of me honestly!

So what’s the goofiest thing you’ve done this year?

Right now I’m on the NBC show ‘I Can Do That’ and there are a lot of goofy things in there.

And in this show you’re with Nicole Scherzinger. Does it mean we may finally get a duet from you two?

Who knows! You never know what can happen in our world of entertainment.

You’re a fantastic dancer. Do you still take dance classes?

I’ve actually never taken dance classes. Just a one or two when I was younger and not for a long period. So I’ve never had dance training. But I would like to, just to try the new style I’ve never tried before. That would be fun.

What’s your workout secret?

For me it’s just about balance. I train for one hour a day and check what I’m eating. I still eat fun things and I don’t try to be very strict, ‘cause I think if you get to strict you won’t enjoy yourself. So it’s about having a balanced diet and a workout schedule.

Some fashion tips for the summer?

Drink tons of water to keep your skin clean, ‘cause when it gets hot your skin needs hydration. Fashion-wise I’m really into 90s fashion right now. My philosophy on fashion is just do what you feel. Don’t over-think what you’re wearing, just express yourself. I think fashion allows us to express ourselves in a very cool way and how we’re feeling that day. If you feel it – wear it. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

И вот всего один из множества убийственных клипов из резюме Сиэры.

MTV Iggy

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Последние несколько месяцев были очень насыщенными и продуктивными. Вот — ссылки на мои свежие материалы для MTV Iggy.

Интервью с OMI (я кстати очень рад, что его чудесная ‘Cheerleader’ в итоге стала международным хитом!)


Интервью с Иваном Дорном

Интервью с Pompeya



Материал о русских трип-хоп артистах



Огромный список наиболее интересных летних европейских фестивалей (Я сам уже съездил на датский Tinderbox, а впереди — Fruit Vibrations и Alfa Future People в России и венгерский Sziget).


Репортаж с фестиваля Tinderbox (Дания)

И, наконец, я приложил руку к Списку лучших альбомов первой половины 2015-го. Выбор был очевиден: пластинка Susanne Sundfor Ten Love Songs.


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В эту пятницу Иван Васильев будет выяснять, кто же стащил его драгоценный крепдешин. Расследование пройдет в шампанерии Sparkling Dog (36/4 Большая Новодмитровская), а помогать в поисках вора прямо из-за вертушек ему будут Софи Тронза и Михаэль Агафонов. В баре можно будет дать показания и заодно получить игристое и хот-доги. Эту историю мы задумали еще два года назад, и звезды, наконец, сошлись: у Вани появился свой бар, Софи обрела новый дом, а Михаэль научился одновременно сводить треки и танцевать. Нам хорошо по-отдельности, но еще волшебнее вместе.

Дресс-код: гламур на грани абсурда и абсурд на грани гламура. Крепдешин, кожа, рваные чулки, высокие шпильки, белоснежные рубашки, многоэтажные начесы и наглые улыбки. Мы верим в вас!


Превью осенних сериалов

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Текущий телесезон еще не завершился («Месть» и «Хор» наконец-то умерли, но меня еще ждут финалы «The Royals» и «Последователей»), а каналы уже выдвигают свежие телевойска: началася сезон демонстрации роликов осенних новинок. Я посмотрел почти все из уже вышедших и решил рассказать о каждом буквально пару слов, основываясь исключительно на трейлере. Спойлер: я остался по большей части разочарован.

Ролики можно посмотреть, нажав на название сериала.

Supergirl похож на ремейк «Супермена» от команды «Улицы Сезам».

Scream Queens — ремейк «Крика в общаге» от героев «Скуби-Ду».

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — очень проходной ролик от сайта Funny or Die.

Grandfather — очень цензурная версия любого фильма с Адамом Сандлером (и в данном случае это комплимент).

Blindspot похож на проходной фильм Люка Бессона.

Limitless похож на фильм «Без границ» без Брэдли Купера (и это совсем не комплимент).

Lucifer — гей-ремейк сериала «Ангел».

Angel from Hell — утомительная юмореска от шоу SNL.

Legends of Tomorrow — студия Asylum Studio («Шаркнадо») снимает ремейк «Мстителей».

Containment — «Заражение» Содерберга, где вместо звезд — клише мыльных опер.

Oil — гибрид сериала «Даллас» и «Пункта Назначения», которой никто собственно и не просил.

Wicked City - кровожадный и похотливый сынок «Последователей» и «Настоящего детектива».

Интервью с Marina and the Diamonds

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С Marina and the Diamonds я хотел пообщаться давно. Даже очень давно: с тех пор, как услышал ее чуднУю и чудесную ‘Mowgli’s Road’ и почитал ее весьма саркастичный блог в 2008-м. В 2011 я чуть было не познакомился с ней в Нью-Йорке. «Чуть было», потому что не признал в новоявленной блондинке певицу и всю ночь танцевал рядом, так и не опознав эту Примадонну. Этой весной мне наконец-то выпал шанс поговорить с Мариной — для журнала Interview Russia накануне выхода ее третьей пластинки ‘Froot’.

Русскую версию читайте тут, в оригинал — ниже.


You always take you album campaigns quite seriously. So what’s the concept behind ‘Froot’?

With ‘Froot’ I wanted the strategy to be distinctive. So I came up with a plan called ‘Froot of the month’, which meant that when you pre-order the album I’d send you a brand new song from the album every month until the album release. So each song has its own visual world, video, all that kind of thing.

So this is the 1st album you recorded on your own?


Was it harder or more liberating?

Oh, definitely more liberating! I would say songwriting was easier in a way, because I had this artistic clarity versus writing with other people and trying to come up with the songs that would ‘work’ commercially. I didn’t want to do another electropop album. The production was very different two: just me co-producing everything with one person for three month. It’s actually not my favorite thing at what I do. But I enjoyed it nevertheless, as much as I could.

You do quite a lot of misspelling: froot, teen idle, shampaigne… What’s the idea behind it?

I love words! And I love messing with them. I think with ‘Froot’ spelling it in a way with how it sounded made it look more playful. That’s what I’m interested in as a musician – with my sound blending with natural human sounds and electronic sound. It’s also visually what I do: I really like blending themes of nature with modern life.

Your favorite fruit? Song and an actual fruit.

The fruit-fruit is probably mango and I like lychee as well. And my favorite song off the album changes a lot. I really ‘Savages’ and ‘Better Than That’.

Should we expect you to dress up as a fruit like Katy Perry does?

Ha, no!

You did perform in Moscow. What do you remember from that gig?

It was very positive. I’ve some time in Russia and Ukraine when I was younger, so I was very pleased to go back and to see that I have a fanbase there. I remember I played the same festival as Courtney Love did and I really loved her.

Do people really mistake you for Catherine Zeta-Jones (as you mentioned in your ‘Hollywood’ song)?

No, haha! No we do look quite similar, it’s that Celtic welsh blood.

I remember when you and I do were partying in a small bar in New York back in 2011. And I didn’t recognize you because you just went blonde.

Oh, no, really?! Haha! That’s so funny!

Do you plan any more dramatic changes to your appearance in the future?

I don’t think so, no. These days I look quite similar to how I looked during my first album. ‘Electra Heart’ look was built for that character. And now it’s kind of a relief to not have to dress up, if I’m honest.

What did you learn from being Electra Heart persona?

Most of things I’ve learned was about what I didn’t want to be as an artist and what I didn’t really like about being in this industry. There are parts of the industry which I love but I think if you’re pretending to be a popstar, then you have to go through the popstar system and they talk to you as if you’re quite dumb and as if you don’t write your own music. I didn’t really appreciate that. But I did like being an electropop artist. I’m happy where I am now with ‘Froot’.

Let’s get one thing clear: Primadonna was a sarcastic statement, right? Was there a lot of people who thought you were being dead serious?

I don’t know… I think most of the people knew it was this theatrical sarcastic song. But who knows?

What gets you excited in the current pop landscape?

I really like BANKS, Broods, Childish Gambino, Lykke Li, Clean Bandit.

The blog you ran back in 2008 was very sassy. Will you ever blog again?

Oh, no, you remember! Haha. I am interested in keeping a very genuine direct communication with fans. So I’m doing these FAQs now.

The thing we do here at the Interview magazine is making one celebrity interview other celebrity. So if you were to interview one famous person, who would you choose?

I would choose the photographer Cindy Sherman, musician Daniel Johnston and Marilyn Monroe.

Okay, I’ll see if when can hook you up with those. And if you were to start an ultimate girlband who would you invite?

Oh, wow. I would choose Bjork, my friend Lizzy from MS MR, Brody Dalle from The Distillers and Debbie Harry from Blondie.

I would definitely check out this record!

Well, thank you very much, I’ve got one fan!

A lot of your new songs are rather dramatic and pensive. Does it mean the days of ‘Primadonna’ and ‘Mowgli’s Road’ are over?

Each album is a chapter of your life, some have different colors and moods to the other ones. ‘Electra Heart’ was a very high energy album. I feel more flexible in terms of what I can do creatively now, so who know what’s gonna come up.

Is acting something you’d ever consider trying?

Yes, I would.

Do you still live in the state of dreaming?

It’s good to dream and to think about what you want.

Купить ‘Froot’ можно на iTunes

May I Dance Mix

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В пятницу я буду ставить новую музыку в баре Port (Цветной бульвар, 2), а пока записал солнечный весенний микс, чтобы настроить вас на правильную волну. Надевайте солнцезащитные очки и вперед — гулять по городу!

Mikey Moscow — May I Dance (May 2015 Mix) by Mikey Moscow on Mixcloud

Интервью с Indiana

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Когда артист заимствует имя у Индианы Джонса, а вдохновение черпает в фильме «Драйв», его музыка обязательно получится весьма увлекательной. И дебютная пластинки начинающей британской певицы Indiana ‘No Romeo’ совсем не разочаровала. Среди моих фаворитов на альбоме — песни ‘Solo Dancing’, ‘No Romeo’ и  ‘New Heart’: все три — приятная смесь трип-хопа и поп-музыка, украшенная отстраненным вокалом Индианы. Должен согласиться с рецензией The Guardian: эта запись и правда заслуживает куда большего внимание, чем она получила. Так что я с радостью пообщался с Индианой для Cosmopolitan Россия: тут читайте русскую версию интервью, а ниже — оригинал.

Кстати ‘No Romeo’ сейчас стоит всего 69 рублей на iTunes!

First of all, thanks for a great record: I can’t get ‘No Romeo’ and ‘Solo Dancing’ out of my head for a week! And now that the album is out, do you feel relieved?

It’s a great feeling having it out there, I’m finding new people are discovering it every day.

In one interview you said that you didn’t plan to become a musician, but the music eventually found you. Can you elaborate on this? What’s your story?

I didn’t set out with a plan to release an album and become a recording artist. I was just using music as a creative outlet and because I loved it. Soon I discovered that I had so much within my reach and I became very determined and now I set myself so many new goals and aspirations.

You’re not just a passionate musician, you’re also a mother of two. How did being in the spotlight change your family routine?

It’s not at all really, I’ve always been a working mum. My jobs just a bit more interesting and rewarding now.

You also said that there are a lot of hidden meanings in your lyrics. What’s the funniest way someone has misinterpreted your lyrics so far?

Maybe that people actually think ‘Solo Dancing’ is just one big innuendo! It’s funny but also a little frustrating, it’s meant to be a song of empowerment… Maybe masturbation is empowering?

Do you actually enjoy solo dancing?

I love doing a lot of stuff alone, maybe it comes with having children but I find so much comfort in my solitude.

What’s the perfect settings to listen to you music?

Driving or in the studio.

There are a lot of nuances and undertones in your sound. How do you come up with all of this and where do you find inspiration?

Anything and everything, I see myself as a storyteller. My songs draw on personal experiences but they aren’t biographical. It’s more challenging when writing and interesting when listening, I think.

You play with food a lot in ‘Solo Dancing’ video. Is it something you always liked doing? And are you a good cook?
I like to think I can bake… My children will tell you different. I enjoy food so much, too much I think. If I’m not eating I’m thinking about eating.

How many takes did it take to get that shot of you laying on a bed with the milk spilling on the table right?
Just one, which was lucky ’cause we only had one carton.

When will we see you in Russia? And are you familiar with anything Russian?

Whenever you fancy, I’ve never been. I’m sure my band would love to sample some proper vodka… And of course I will join them!

I like your sense of style a lot: it’s very chic without trying too hard. What are the inspirations?

My biggest inspiration was always Debbie Harry back in the day: she’s boyish in a girly way.

Any fashion tips for the spring?

Little boxy tees with a mini skirt.

Five fun facts about Indiana are…

I’ve been driving since I was 17 but only got my license when I was 21.

I have a guilty obsession with Kim Kardashian.

My favourite film is Drive.

I would love to write a song with Prince

Sometimes I don’t change my socks everyday.

Фото — Tim Mattia

Интервью с Susanne Sundfør

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Будем откровенны: скандинавы в поп-музыке разбираются просто великолепно. Но не у всех из них получается записывать действительно выдающийся материал, который бы пошел дальше привычной формулы «баллады для танцполов». У норвежки Susanne Sundfør на ее новой пластинке‘Ten Love Songs’ получилось – да еще как! Готов сравнивать эту запись с торнадо и назвать ее (пока что) альбомом года. На этом альбоме удивительно много нюансов, эмоций и сюрпризов, а скандинавский фолк Сюзанн мешает с электроникой так лихо, что с каждым прослушиванием открывается все больше слоев. Сначала внимание привлекает боевик в стиле саундтреков к «бондиане» ‘Delirious’, а потом угрожающая ‘Accelerate’ с органной партией в стиле «Призрака опера», 10-минутый любовный реквием ‘Memorial’ и удивительно цепкая ‘Kamikaze’. И то, что это уже шестой альбом Сюзанн, не должно никого смущать: во многих смыслах это новое начало для певицы, которая уже пробовала себя на поприще танцевальной электроники в компании Kleerup и Royksopp, а теперь заслуженно заняла особое место в пантеоне скандинавских электро-поп-див.

Я взял интервью у Сюзанн для Cosmopolitan Russia: русскую версию читайте тут, а оригинальный текст — ниже. И сделайте себе одолжение – купите этот выдающийся альбом.

What’s the story of Susanne Sundfør?

I started making music in my teens, got a record deal when I was 19 and have been releasing albums on a regular basis since then. My sixth album is out now.

˜’Ten Love Songs’ is incredibly ambitious and accomplished records. It sounds like it took a lot of inspiration and preparations to get all the layers, moods and emotions down. Was it a long and tough process? And what inspired you?

Thank you! It took about two years to finish it, but I didn’t work continuously the whole period. I travelled a lot and recorded it probably in ten different studios. I got inspired by the traveling, movies, music, life in general!

I personally hear ABBA echoing in your music. Was that intentional?

Not really, but maybe it’s a Scandinavian thing. We all grow up with ABBA here, and I’m a big fan of them as well, so probably subconsciously they’ve been an inspiration to some of the songs on the album.

Scandinavian music has very distinctive sound and is always celebrated around the world. What makes you guys so talented and enigmatic?

The Scandinavian music scene is quite diverse though. The Swedes are the experts on pop songs and Norway has a big black metal and electronic music scene. Or at least that’s how I see it. Maybe we just get tired of all the darkness and need to do something creative instead!

We can hear a lot of the instruments on ‘Ten Love Songs’ from relaxed piano to 80s organ, from pulsating synths to some menacing drums. Was it hard recording all of this? And how did you decide that you want these particular sounds on your record?

It wasn’t necessarily hard, but it took a lot of programming and recording in different studios to get the different instruments like celesta, harpsichord, strings, drums and organ. It was the best part of making the album though. You have these midi-ideas that you have to listen to for ages while you’re composing and arranging, and then finally you bring it to life with the real thing and it’s such a high!

It’s safe to say that this album can become your international breakthrough (hey, we’re talking for Cosmopolitan Russia, so you get my point). But it’s actually your fifth album. For the listeners who’s not familiar with your previous records, can you guide us though the changes your sound experienced and maybe where you’d like it to go in the future?

Well, I’ve been in this business for such a long time now that nothing really surprises me anymore, so I’ll just go with whatever happens as long as I get to continue making the music I wanna make. My first album consists of songs I wrote when I was a teenager and are all in the singer songwriter style. Take One is a rerecording I did of the first album because I wanted a version that was completely unpolished.The next one, The Brothel, is more of a conceptual album with both quite acoustic and electronic soundscapes. A Night at Salle Pleyel is a comission piece with only synthesizers recorded live from the only concert I did with the piece. The Silicone Veil is maybe more electronic and bass-y. And then we have Ten Love Songs!

The album is very dramatic and cinematic. Should we expect some grand visuals from your live shows and music videos? Maybe even a musical based on the songs – about a couple of tormented lovers? Just an idea!

That’s a cool idea! I really like dramatic lights and visuals on shows, so as long as I can afford it I’ll make it as big and lush as I can!

‘Memorial’ is another obvious standout of the album. What’s the story of that song and how come you’ve decided to create this 10-minutes-long number?

It started as a ballad I made on the piano, and for a long time it was just piano and vocals. Then I wrote the string part and wanted it to be quite big. I then teamed up with Anthony Gonzalez from M83 and he added a lot of lush and beautiful synths and big drums.

If you were to create a soundtrack for a motion picture, what would you choose? It can be anything: from an actual movie to a made up documentary.

I don’t know about what kind of music but it would have to be a director who trusts in me. I’ve heard so many stories of musicians who make music for film who are basically dictated about what to write in the end, and I don’t like that kind of a work situation.

What kind of music are you drawn to these days?

I’m listening to Beck’s latest album on repeat. It’s just got so many layers of beauty and I keep discovering new details that just give me goose bumps all over. Fantastic album!

Russians are known for their love to all things excessive and dramatic (it probably has to do with our literature, theater and ballet history). Is there anything in our culture that fascinates you? And would you like to perform over here one day?

I read Master and Margarita not so long ago and loved it. I know there are a lot of cultural references there that are hard to understand for foreigners, but I still thought it was a brilliant piece of literature. I love Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky. To be honest I haven’t read Dostoevsky or Tolstoy yet, but it’s on my booklist for sure!

Фото — Sofai Fredricks Sprung

Интервью с Zella Day

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Играться с темой американского захолустья  и завышенным градусом драматизма после успеха Ланы Дел Рей стало опасно: критики так и норовят обвинить начинающих артистов в плагиате. Однако у юной Зеллы Дей (Zella Day), в июне выпускающей дебютный альбом «Kicker», получается не подражать, а развивать тему своей предшественницы.

Блондинка с невинными голубыми глазами и нежным голосом вовремя перебралась из крошечного аризонского городка в Лос-Анджелес, где научилась ловко и с густым слоем метафор описывать любимые темы поп-музыки: трагическую любовь (песня «Hypnotic»), потерю девственности («Sweet Ophelia») и юношеский максимализм («Mustang Kids»). И все это – в образе хиппи-красавицы образца 2015 года: среди цветов, с серьгой в носу и в ковбойской шляпе.

Русский перевод интервью был опубликован на сайте Cosmopolitan Россия, а оригинал читайте ниже.

‘Hypnotic’, к слову, моя любимая песня в этом году.

What’s your story so far?

I am currently writing the exposition of my autobiography. With lots of twists and turns, this story began in the deep forests of Arizona far away from any logical explanation why a 13 year old girl couldn’t someday find herself in LA finished with her first record about to tour the country. I worked my way slowly but surely out of a small town into the deep valleys of Southern California crossing paths with producers, management, and a label that believed in my vision with a passion equitable to my own.

You grew up in a small town. Is it a more comfortable or challenging environment for a starting musician?

The reason I left was because it was too comfortable. I was growing beyond the walls of the place I had grown up. I don’t think it’s only because the town was small but because I had reached the point in which I needed something unfamiliar to contribute to my growth. I’m sure if I grew up in LA I would feel the same way; busting at the seams ready for a fresh prospective.

There’s some hippie/gypsy influences in your music and especially videos. Is that conscious?

I’m a conscious human being. It’s not like I’m throwing ideas at a wall to see what sticks. I’m influenced by the women I grew up around, that being my mother and aunties who were all strong natural beautiful women running around California with their sun kissed apple cheeks. I know real hippies… and I’m not one. The term “Hippie” gets thrown around like the word “Indie”, a hippy is somebody who is living as close to the land as possible and “Indie” means that you are working independently without a label, both terms are not genres.

If you were to pick one lyric that influenced/inspired you the most, what would that be?

“I am good and I am grounded” by The National.

How’s your tour going? Any wild stories to share?

Besides getting a psychic reading from a stripper in New Orleans? No not really.

Your song ‘Hypnotic’ deals with the subject of dark love affair that turns into obsession. Do you think everyone should experience something like this in their lives? How much heartbreak is enough for a true artist?

Everyone will experience heartbreak at least once in their life. Human tragedy is something that binds us together as people, we relate on the loss in our lives. ‘Hypnotic’ is referring to a specific type of loss, that being the loss of love. I’m grateful for the love that I’ve lost in my life just as much as the love that I’ve gained because I wouldn’t be the same had I not experienced both.

‘Hypnotic’ video looks like it was fun to make. Did you enjoy all the snake action and getting buried alive?

I shot that video with some of my closest friends, so as you can imagine we all had a ball getting freaky. I got over my phobia of snakes and I’m sure everyone enjoyed burying me up to my neck in dirt. It was a win/win situation.

‘Hypnotic’ was featured on the episode of the MTV show ‘Eye candy’ that deals with the themes on cyber danger and the pros and cons of online lives we lead these days. What are your relationships with the social media and Internet in general?

My personal life is personal. I enjoy social media as a way to connect with people by sharing images that I find to be beautiful but not as a way to keep everyone updated on what I’m doing throughout the day. before I post anything I always ask myself why I’m sharing and if it’s a positive contribution to the cyber world. I’ve always disliked the fact that social media can be very self-serving, there’s much more important things going on in the world then what you had for lunch.

Do you think you have the power to start a new nose ring trend?

The trend has been ongoing since the Aztec Indians which makes me a follower not a leader.

Excuse my obvious word play, but what is the favorite part of the day of Zella Day?

Without a doubt my coffee in the morning. It’s my meditative moment I get to have to myself no matter what.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I’m a complete bore. “YAWWWWWWN”

Tell us a bit about the song you did for the ‘Insurgent’ soundtrack.

That song chose me. It was written so fast with a very clear intention of what it was going to do; accompany the most beautiful Shailene Woodley as she kicked everyones ass. I’m honored to have been a part of a film so affluent to my generation.

What’s your plan for 2015? When will we hear your album?

The album comes out June 2nd titled “KICKER”. Come see me at a show xoxo.

And finally what fascinates you about Russia (if anything)?

The fact that Russia is bigger then Pluto.

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