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Interview with Owlle

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French electro pop singer Owlle came to Moscow earlier this month for a private fashion show and I had a pleasure of chatting with her both before and after her show.

You can read the Russian version on Cosmopolitan Russia and the original version is below:

Why Owlle?

Owlle is a feminized version of the word ‘owl’ – I added French ‘elle’ (which means her). I know that word doesn’t exists, so it’s unique for me.

Why didn’t you want to use your real name? It’s beautiful – France…

Because it’s too close to my own personality. France and Owlle are the same person, but I feel different on stage – there’s different sensuality and attitude. So another name made more sense and makes me feel more confident.

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Life is a carnival

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And here’s the video I made from our Halloween party at the ‘Looch’ bar (Friendly Halloween #8, #fh8).

Plus a new epic shot

Halloween 2014

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Halloween’s finally over. ‘Finally’ – as every year it takes a big amount of my time and this year I attended three Halloween parties in a week. And as I don’t play safe, I made sure to create three different costumes. I started as a Catwoman (a catman?), then I was so sort of a peacock-fairy and finally rocked the big Halloween party at the ‘Looch’ bar as one of the most iconic Disney baddies – miss Cruella De Vil.

Summer 2014

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The summer 2014 was too good to just let it go. So I made this little video for me and my friends (and, well, whoever stumbles upon it through the wonders of the Internet). From our epic trip to the Sonar festivals to the dress up Birthday parties, we certainly swung from enough chandeliers this summer!

Pardon, I’m On!

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Just in time for Halloween, I made a list of 10 Russian and international celebrities, who’s always ‘on’ – meaning, they’re having Halloween all year round.

Read here at Interview Russia:

Just a theory…

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It that what’s up, Sia?



ps: Yes, I was too tired of all that Renee Zellweger nonsense.

Rita Ora in Moscow

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It’s really funny that Rita Ora’s recent Moscow gig opened with the famous Mean Girls quote ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’ splashed all over the screens. Because for the last couple of years I was desperately trying to figure out how Rita managed to reserve a seat among pop’s biggest names without having a proper banger or some nuclear charisma. In my book, she’s just another sexy chick with a powerful voice and nice style but who most people would mistake for a better-behaved Rihanna lookalike. And the Moscow gig (which was nothing more than a big budget HP commercial) didn’t prove me wrong.

While she has the looks of the proper star, a powerful voice and she does know how to pose Beyonce-style, Rita lacks that spark that would turn her into a proper showstopper: she doesn’t look like she owns the stage or rules her bombastic entourage (the dancers were amazing by the way!) but more like she was put in the middle of that chaos by accident and has no idea what to do next. During the third song of the set (‘Roc the life’) she literally sat down on the ladder in the middle of the stage and let the backup singers carry the whole song. I’m sure there was a reasonable explanation behind her laziness (jetlag or a sore throat, maybe) but that certainly didn’t help me warm up to Rira more. And when you only sing about 1/3 of your biggest solo hit (the closing number – a great but anyone-could-sing-it ‘I Will Never Let You Down’) it goes to show how much the ‘music thing’ means to you.

Rita must really be a Hercules of networking or have some pop genie slave scoring her all her endorsement deals as there is literally no explanation to why that girl is where she is right now. Yes, she’s ‘hot right now’, but can anyone explain to me why? As that show was more bullshit than party. Now can you please release a proper banger, honey, that will showcase your awesome voice and finally help you find your musical identity? No, rejected Rihanna demos will not do this time around.

At least we seemed to be having way more fun than Rita herself:


The Way I Dance mash-up

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My debut mash-up is up up up.

Milky Chance – Stolen Dance (Fear of Dawn Edit)
Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson – The Way I Are (Acapella)

Midweek Delight

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Back in July I kicked off my first ‘Midweek Delight’ party at ‘Darling, I’ll Call You Later’ bar. The idea was to spin some nice music and create a midweek event people can enjoy (as there’s never enough things going on nightlife-wise in Moscow during the week). So if you happen to be in Moscow, free after 8pm and would like to eat and drink (and – who knows – maybe even dance) while I spin some pop, r’n’b, nu disco and indie for you – you’re more than welcome to!

B.Strochenovskiy, 7. Free entry.

Nicole Scherzinger – Big Fat Lie [review]

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Poor Nicole. Despite of all her efforts and promising promo deals, she never really evolved from ‘the ex-Pussycat Doll frontwoman’ into a full-fledged solo star. Her 2011’s debut LP (which wasn’t even released in the States) was very flamboyant and screamed ‘I’ve arrived’ on top of Nicole’s lungs but was a bit too Eurovisiony to really cement her status. And even though her best solo single so far was called ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’, I did hold my breath for a proper ‘Nicole The Solo Artist’ moment: she surely has the voice, the moves and the looks of a potential pop slayer. Well, not this time for sure: with ‘Big Fat Lie’ she’s going for more ‘mature’ sound which means that we’re getting tons of medtempo tunes which is the least thing we’d expect or want from a girl who made a name for herself as the voice behind ‘Don’t Cha’ and ‘Buttons’.

Perhaps the personal approach to the album would work better if it had a big power ballad or two, but it’s nowhere to be seen as well. ‘Run’ and ‘On The rocks’ are both strong and emotional songs but they lack the spark that made Nicole such a fantastic performer in the past. Overall it’s questionable if there really were a lot of people in Nicole’s fanbase who craved a moody (even if well-produced) record from her. There is a cute little ‘it’s tough being a popstar’ moment in the form of the album’s title track and stripping all the layers seems to be the ongoing theme on the record but let’s be honest: Nicole was way more fun when she stuck to the actual stripping.

The big fat truth here is that the album’s quite solid: the production is consistent and multi-layered and the 90s influences are spot. It’s just hard to believe it will find its audience as Nicole never developed a steady fanbase with all her scrapped releases, failed international strategies and horrible time management. And the idea that in some happier alternative universe we could’ve gotten 5 years’ worth of The Pussycat Dolls bangers instead of this depressed little collection certainly doesn’t help.