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Anti-snow look for spring 2014

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It’s literally snowing in Moscow right now but having escaped most of the winter in the warm parts of the USA, I really cannot complain. Plus – it’s a perfect opportunity to rock my neon beanie from H&M and outrageous golden-lettered-sweatshirt from Forever21.


Cosmopolitan Russia: Katie Cassidy

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If you ever met me for more than one second, you probably know that one of my biggest obsessions in life is 2009′s flop remake/sequel of ‘Melrose Place‘. While the show pretty basic, it had one huge success – fantastic Katie Cassidy as a bitch-with-a-golden-heart fashionista-publicist named Ella Simms. So obviously I couldn’t miss an opportunity to write a piece for Cosmopolitan Russia on Katie’s recent success as an actress (she’s the female lead on The CW’s ‘Arrow‘) and a fashion blogger – she co-owns a website TomboyKC.com

And obviously I was totally happy ‘and stuff’ when Katie re-tweeted my article. Katie, please talk to The CW – it’s about time to resurrect Melrose Place!

Here’s the article – in Russian.


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Two of my recent parties in Moscow.

See, I can be both sweet…


… and (kinda) vicious.


The next ones are set for April, 11th and 19th and I’ll tell you all about them in a bit.

Whores & Horns Birthday

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I realized I never told you about my 24th Birthday celebration. Obviously, it had to have a very classy name – so I settled with ‘Whores & Horns’. It also needed a killer poster – that’s where my photographer friend Olga Karabchevskaya helped me.


I was celebrating at ‘BORODACH’ bad and was dressed in a faux-latex catsuit I got in Chicago and some Halloween-store-sale devil goodies.


Some people also came in prepared


I even performed with my friends from ‘Chaos in the living room’: we did ‘Buttons’, ‘Just Dance’ and ‘I kissed a boy’ together. Maybe I’ll post a video one day. I dare you to finish watching it!


There was a lot of dancing (as it usually it at my parties)


I DJed for most of the night – but couldn’t really stop dancing


So that was it: another happy night in the Mikey Moscow land. The afterparty was also epic and involved 10 people sleeping in my room. I think I’ll keep the pics from that to myself, but here’s a group shot from the actual party.


Sohodolls are back: Interview with Maya von Doll about ‘Mayday’ EP

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I’m not going to lie: I have a very soft spot for miss Maya von Doll. First of all, she’s responsible for one of the best electro-rock-pop bangers of the 00s called, well, ‘Stripper’ (you really can’t go wrong with such title). But even when she’s not shouting ‘Hey, stripper!’, Maya stays magical, seductive and a bit tongue-in-cheek no matter what she’s doing: rocking the stage as the boss of Sohodolls, dropping hot electro beats as a solo artist or coming up with clever little pop numbers for artists like Nicola Roberts (whose ‘Cinderella’s Eyes’ is by far the best solo album of a Girls Aloud member). I’ve been holding my breath for new Sohodolls music for a long time and it did arrive in the most unexpected way: earlier this month Maya just dropped the new EP on iTunes. The record is called ‘Mayday’ and features 3 songs that form a perfectly logical follow up to 2007’s ‘Ribbed Music for the Numb Generation’: it has the familiar amount of flirt, danger and silky vocals that made Sohodolls one of the most remarkable electro pop bands of the 00s. Now it’s time to ask Maya a couple of questions about the release and what we should expect from her camp this year.

That’s quite a surprise EP release. Did you plan it long ahead or was it a spontaneous decision to bring Sohodolls back?

It was spontaneous. I just realized that there was still so much love for the band online that people deserved to hear unreleased songs.

What happened to Sohodolls in between the debut album’s release and ‘Mayday’?

We left our label, rewrote a second album, almost moved to LA to record it with a big producer out there. But I got distracted writing for other artists like Nicola Roberts. It was something I had always wanted to do, it just came at the wrong time for Sohodolls.

You’re working with a lot of other artists these days – give me some details!

Actually I’m not. I’ve been writing a lot for myself in a new grown-up way since January 2013 and only writing for two select other acts who will debut in summer. My ethos now is ‘less is more’.

Will you continue the solo career and if not – what will happen with all the electro stuff you’ve recorded for yourself?

Yes, the solo career continues and I have a secret show in April in London. The electro stuff – a good song lasts forever so the good stuff has already found a new home!

What does 2014 hold for you?

The best year in a long time!

Get ‘Mayday’ on iTunes

Photo: Jeff Hahn

It’s all about HER: Interview with Veva

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You can’t do an iconic teen movie without a punchy soundtrack. And Darren Stein got it right with the ‘GBF’ – just like he did 15 years ago with the ‘Jawbreaker’ OST. One of the highlights of the ‘GBF’ soundtrack is Veva’s ‘HER’ – delicious electro pop number with a killer chorus: ‘H, my hips, E, emotion, R, the rhythm’ (spelling and pop music always blend very well). I chatted with the girl behind the hips, emotions and the rhythm. Meet Florida-based singer Veva and get to know her story.  

Who is Veva and what’s her story?

Well, that’s a long story, and it kinda incorporates two questions. I grew up in Toledo, a small industrial town in Northwest Ohio, where my best friend and now music partner Matthew Paul only lived blocks away. We eventually met and it was over from there. His mom used to tell him that his twin was here when I arrived at his house. He noticed my pipes when I was about 14, and always encouraged me to pursue singing. Growing up in a poor family it was a struggle. But at my 6th grade recognition people started to notice my talent when I performed ‘Hero’ by Mariah Carey. Fast forward to middle school, and I was in choir, and then in high school I was in the gospel choir. After the death of my sister in the early 2000′s I decided to take the bull by the horns: Matthew and I pow wowed how we would get to the ‘American Idol’. I went but didn’t quite make the cut, so we started researching and after a long drawn out conversation I packed and took off to sunny Florida. We placed Craigslist adds and networked for a producer. Justin Diggs answered the call and that’s how “HER” was born. After that we buckled down in the studio and recorded many other tracks, but it wasn’t until ‘GBF’ that we finally had something.

What’s the story behind ‘HER’ and how did the song end up on the ‘GBF’ soundtrack?

Justin Diggs approached Matthew and me with the demo for ‘HER’ in early 2011 which had a hook but no verses and bridge at the time. I was like ‘Wow, this is a really great track! It has massive potential’. So we did an informal writing session which turned into ‘HER’. And we had many difficulties in the studio: I do believe at one point we lost a bunch of files. It really was an adventure. We then contacted Tom Baker for mastering and once we got it back, we just KNEW! I had the strangest feeling. Matthew has always been fan of ‘Jawbreaker’ so it didn’t surprise me while networking that he would run into the famous ‘Jawbreaker’ director Darren Stein. Matthew made the connection, he met Darren Stein and they became professional friends. Darren at the time was looking for new music for his movie ‘GBF’. Matthew sent him a few of our songs and Darren fell in love with ‘HER’ which alongside ‘Love Gun’ made its way into the film. ‘HER’ plays during the sexy slow motion strut scene and again in the credits and Love Gun plays in a hilar scene with Megan Mullally (Mrs. Van Camp), Michael Willet (Tanner) and Paul Iacono (Brent). ‘HER’ also made its way onto the ‘GBF’ soundtrack!

Do you have a GBF?

LOL Yes: Matthew Paul.

 Is ‘She’s a monster’ line anyhow connected to Lady Gaga?

As much as I Love Lady GaGa, that’s a no. ‘She’s a monster’ just means ‘she’s fierce, she’s on fire, she’s out of her shell’. We had no intent on that at all. Honestly I didn’t know anything about the connection until after the fact.

Are you a party girl? If so (and even if you’re not!) – share your wildest party experience with me. No holding back!

Well, there have been so many!!! Haha, but I would have to say that anytime Matthew Paul and Veva get together…Enough said!

What’s next for you?

Sky’s the limit! I’m working on a plethora of projects right now including a few music videos and more music. So I’m geared up and ready to take on the world! I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for myself and Team Veva! Get your fangs out!

You can get ‘GBF’ soundtrack on iTunes.

‘Cause we’re the LOVE GENERATION

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Come party Valentine-style at my ‘Love Generation’ party in Moscow this Friday.

GBF: 10 best quotes

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GBF, Darren Stein-directed recent teen classic, finally hits DVD in the States today, and that’s one comedy you should not miss: it’s charming, smart, sexy and has way too many memorable one-liners. So many that it was quite hard for me to narrow it down to the ten best ones. But I did anyway and apparently I’m Team Fawcett (portrayed by ridiculously cute Sasha Pieterse from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ – can you believe that girl is only 17?!). ‘Jawbreaker’/’Mean Girls’/John Hughes fans – consider it your final warning, ‘kay?

1. Wanna go sip extra-large low fat ice coffees and talk shit about people?


2. I’m totally fine with your homosexiness.


3. It’s like when we call you a mormon but forget the second ‘m’.


4. That was like 4 texts ago.


5. I’m actually kinda brills when it comes to sciency stuff.


6. If you’re really that nervous, then just blow off blowing what’s his name.


7. At least I tried to bribe him with sex.


8. Whatev… Er. Whatever. It’s a full word. I’ve said it all.


9. Everyone can relax: the people who matter have arrived.


10. Later, later.


And also there’s this:


Top 10 movies of 2013

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Spring Breakers

Swag-tastic trip to the Disneyland for the YOLO generation : think #neonnightmare or a #dubstepfairytail. I’m pretty certain that’s exactly what ‘Tumblr: The movie’ would look like. And being a part of the ADD generation, I can’t help but love all the crazy imagery, rave-friendly soundtrack and Disney-stars-gone-rogue cast.

Bling Ring

Another dreamy trip into the lives of the media-savvy youth of the 00s. Sophia Coppola keeps her poker face and never makes it clear what we’re getting here: a satire about Young Hollywood or a spin-off of ‘MTV Cribs’. One thing for sure: being a celebrity thief in LA surely looks like a hell lot of job – you’re like totally have to look, like, hot and stuff.

Much Ado About Nothing

Joss Whedon never shied away from Shakespearean themes in work but this time he went as far as making his own version of the classic story about two stubborn lovers with big hearts and sharp tongues. His modernized version of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ (which keeps the original dialogs) is all charm – it’s a house literally filled with Whedonverse darlings spitting tongue-twisting retorts with the same passion they used to fight forces of darkness before.


The movie based on a satirical idea of a man falling in love with an OC (which does have a ridiculously sexy voice) turned out to be one of the most heartfelt and thoughtful love stories of the recent years. This tech-romance requires zero upgrades: it’s perfect just the way it is.

Dallas Buyers Club

True heroes rarely look heroic. They also rarely look like Matthew McConaughey, but if anything the movie proves there’s more to this guy than his romcom past. Much more. It takes a lot of talent to take away attention from Jared Leto playing a transgender women and Matthew pulls it off in a heartbeat. It’s a top-notch performance that screams Academy Award.

Wolf of Wall Street

3-hour-long roller coaster ride down the greedy and hilarious lives of Wall Street’s colorful baddies. Leo bares all of his talents here (often – literally) and wins big: it’s by far his most masterful and diverse performance.

Inside Llewyn Davis

Being a folk singer is never easy. Especially if you have a pretty shitty personality. The titular character of Coen’s vintage drama is hardly a nice guy but any creative person can easily relate to at least some of his struggles while enjoying a fantastic supporting cast.

It’s a Disaster

Here’s a movie about LA residents dealing with the Apocalypse which does not feature James Franco or a rape scene with the Devil. This indie flick tells a story of a ‘couples brunch’ that took an expected turn after the guests realized that the End of the world may prevent them from enjoying the main course. Best part: that’s probably how people would behave to the unexpected Apocalypse in real life. It’s always sad to hear that your favorite organic coffee shop was destroyed by a nuclear explosion.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Just when it looked like we’d never get a decent teen franchise again, we got ‘Hunger Games’ – stylish and brutal story about rebelling against the government machine, which pays much more attention to the actual uprising rather than teen love (thank God!). The sequel surpasses the original on almost every level and leaves you begging for more.

Anchorman 2

Simply the most hilarious comedy in the past several years. Never vulgar and always playful, it follows one simple rule: ‘the random is God’. And when the execution is that good, it’s hard to argue that it really is a winning formula. Other lesson learned: never trust a shark names Dobby.

NYC vlog 7: NYE in Williamsburg

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This is my first American winter and I was looking forward to my first NYE party. And honestly it couldn’t have been better: we had a killer party at Williamsburg and I didn’t even get a killer hangover (which is always a big plus). I DJed, I danced, I laughed.

Here’s what it looked like: