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» 2013

Топ-10 фильмов 2013

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Spring Breakers

Swag-tastic trip to the Disneyland for the YOLO generation : think #neonnightmare or a #dubstepfairytail. I’m pretty certain that’s exactly what ‘Tumblr: The movie’ would look like. And being a part of the ADD generation, I can’t help but love all the crazy imagery, rave-friendly soundtrack and Disney-stars-gone-rogue cast.

Bling Ring

Another dreamy trip into the lives of the media-savvy youth of the 00s. Sophia Coppola keeps her poker face and never makes it clear what we’re getting here: a satire about Young Hollywood or a spin-off of ‘MTV Cribs’. One thing for sure: being a celebrity thief in LA surely looks like a hell lot of job – you’re like totally have to look, like, hot and stuff.

Much Ado About Nothing

Joss Whedon never shied away from Shakespearean themes in work but this time he went as far as making his own version of the classic story about two stubborn lovers with big hearts and sharp tongues. His modernized version of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ (which keeps the original dialogs) is all charm – it’s a house literally filled with Whedonverse darlings spitting tongue-twisting retorts with the same passion they used to fight forces of darkness before.


The movie based on a satirical idea of a man falling in love with an OC (which does have a ridiculously sexy voice) turned out to be one of the most heartfelt and thoughtful love stories of the recent years. This tech-romance requires zero upgrades: it’s perfect just the way it is.

Dallas Buyers Club

True heroes rarely look heroic. They also rarely look like Matthew McConaughey, but if anything the movie proves there’s more to this guy than his romcom past. Much more. It takes a lot of talent to take away attention from Jared Leto playing a transgender women and Matthew pulls it off in a heartbeat. It’s a top-notch performance that screams Academy Award.

Wolf of Wall Street

3-hour-long roller coaster ride down the greedy and hilarious lives of Wall Street’s colorful baddies. Leo bares all of his talents here (often – literally) and wins big: it’s by far his most masterful and diverse performance.

Inside Llewyn Davis

Being a folk singer is never easy. Especially if you have a pretty shitty personality. The titular character of Coen’s vintage drama is hardly a nice guy but any creative person can easily relate to at least some of his struggles while enjoying a fantastic supporting cast.

It’s a Disaster

Here’s a movie about LA residents dealing with the Apocalypse which does not feature James Franco or a rape scene with the Devil. This indie flick tells a story of a ‘couples brunch’ that took an expected turn after the guests realized that the End of the world may prevent them from enjoying the main course. Best part: that’s probably how people would behave to the unexpected Apocalypse in real life. It’s always sad to hear that your favorite organic coffee shop was destroyed by a nuclear explosion.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Just when it looked like we’d never get a decent teen franchise again, we got ‘Hunger Games’ – stylish and brutal story about rebelling against the government machine, which pays much more attention to the actual uprising rather than teen love (thank God!). The sequel surpasses the original on almost every level and leaves you begging for more.

Anchorman 2

Simply the most hilarious comedy in the past several years. Never vulgar and always playful, it follows one simple rule: ‘the random is God’. And when the execution is that good, it’s hard to argue that it really is a winning formula. Other lesson learned: never trust a shark names Dobby.


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A story about a man who falls in love with the voice inside his computer could’ve been told in a lot of ways. It could’ve been an absurd comedy. Or a psychological thriller. Or a satire about our gadget-obsessed times. Luckily, ‘Her’ is none of those things. It is an extremely poetic tale about our constant struggle to replace loneliness with happiness and our (usually failed) attempts to understand (and eventually love and accept) ourselves by trying to understand, love and accept another person. And much more than that.

Watching ‘Her’ is an incredibly satisfying journey from every perspective: it makes you feel, think and devour its mesmerizing imagery all at the same time. The movie sets off as a clever social commentary (the main character works at a website that provides ‘beautiful handwritten letters to your loved ones’ – a truly unsettling concept) but quickly moves into a much more ambiguous world of human emotions and relationships. The greatest thing about ‘Her’ is that behind the façade of the ironic premise, it really is a typical story of two mismatched lovers: Samantha could’ve easily been a young lady with a fatal disease. Or a blind person. Or a man. But while the idea of lovers struggling to stay together despite of the circumstances is hardly a new one, the main power of ‘Her’ lays in the way the story told. The writing is thoughtful yet accessible: from Amy’s observation that love is ‘a socially acceptable form of insanity’ to Theodor’s confession that being with someone who’s excited about the world does make you feel good. But it’s Samantha and her constant self-discovery that creates the movie’s unique vibe: her journey is fascinating and frightfully familiar. This is a truly remarkable cinematic experience based on one of the most complicated yet believable love stories we’ve seen in the last several years.

Интервью с Джереми из PARAMORE

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У Paramore выдался отличный год. Их четвертый альбом стал безоговорочным хитом и попал в множество списков лучших записей 2013 года. Они постоянно гастролировали, и даже добались до Москвы, чтобы выступить на крупном летнем фесивале. В мая я пообщался с бас-гиатристом команды Джереми Дэвисом для русского Rolling Stone о его бывшей работе разносчика пиццы, записи саундтрека для «Сумерек» и лучшем концерте Paramore.

Как жизнь?

Все здорово. Мы сейчас в Бостоне – готовимся к вечернему концерту.

Славный город! А в России вы уже были или приедете впервые?

Никто из нас пока не был в России, и мы очень ждем этот концерт. Уже начали заполнять все документы, чтобы успеть получить визы. Россия – одно из таких мест, от которых совершенно не знаешь, чего ожидать. Такое приятное волнение.

Ваш предыдущий альбом вышел больше трех лет назад. Отпуск был продуктивным?

Музыка – это смысл нашей жизни, так что не выступать так долго было сложно. Но в то же время было здорово пожить нормальной жизнью. Мы же постоянно в турне. А тут мы могли ходить в кино и смотреть сериалы тогда, когда они выходят. Обычно-то мы все смотрим в один присест на DVD, а тут пришлось по неделе ждать новую серию: вот это было скучновато, а так отдых был очень важен.

А когда начали работать над альбомом, у нас было уже много идей и планов. И мы были очень рады, что многое из этого удалось претворить в жизнь: например, пригласить госпел-хор и записать много партий со струнными инструментами. У нас было достаточно времени, чтобы поэкспериментировать.

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