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It’s all about HER: Interview with Veva

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You can’t do an iconic teen movie without a punchy soundtrack. And Darren Stein got it right with the ‘GBF’ – just like he did 15 years ago with the ‘Jawbreaker’ OST. One of the highlights of the ‘GBF’ soundtrack is Veva’s ‘HER’ – delicious electro pop number with a killer chorus: ‘H, my hips, E, emotion, R, the rhythm’ (spelling and pop music always blend very well). I chatted with the girl behind the hips, emotions and the rhythm. Meet Florida-based singer Veva and get to know her story.  

Who is Veva and what’s her story?

Well, that’s a long story, and it kinda incorporates two questions. I grew up in Toledo, a small industrial town in Northwest Ohio, where my best friend and now music partner Matthew Paul only lived blocks away. We eventually met and it was over from there. His mom used to tell him that his twin was here when I arrived at his house. He noticed my pipes when I was about 14, and always encouraged me to pursue singing. Growing up in a poor family it was a struggle. But at my 6th grade recognition people started to notice my talent when I performed ‘Hero’ by Mariah Carey. Fast forward to middle school, and I was in choir, and then in high school I was in the gospel choir. After the death of my sister in the early 2000′s I decided to take the bull by the horns: Matthew and I pow wowed how we would get to the ‘American Idol’. I went but didn’t quite make the cut, so we started researching and after a long drawn out conversation I packed and took off to sunny Florida. We placed Craigslist adds and networked for a producer. Justin Diggs answered the call and that’s how “HER” was born. After that we buckled down in the studio and recorded many other tracks, but it wasn’t until ‘GBF’ that we finally had something.

What’s the story behind ‘HER’ and how did the song end up on the ‘GBF’ soundtrack?

Justin Diggs approached Matthew and me with the demo for ‘HER’ in early 2011 which had a hook but no verses and bridge at the time. I was like ‘Wow, this is a really great track! It has massive potential’. So we did an informal writing session which turned into ‘HER’. And we had many difficulties in the studio: I do believe at one point we lost a bunch of files. It really was an adventure. We then contacted Tom Baker for mastering and once we got it back, we just KNEW! I had the strangest feeling. Matthew has always been fan of ‘Jawbreaker’ so it didn’t surprise me while networking that he would run into the famous ‘Jawbreaker’ director Darren Stein. Matthew made the connection, he met Darren Stein and they became professional friends. Darren at the time was looking for new music for his movie ‘GBF’. Matthew sent him a few of our songs and Darren fell in love with ‘HER’ which alongside ‘Love Gun’ made its way into the film. ‘HER’ plays during the sexy slow motion strut scene and again in the credits and Love Gun plays in a hilar scene with Megan Mullally (Mrs. Van Camp), Michael Willet (Tanner) and Paul Iacono (Brent). ‘HER’ also made its way onto the ‘GBF’ soundtrack!

Do you have a GBF?

LOL Yes: Matthew Paul.

 Is ‘She’s a monster’ line anyhow connected to Lady Gaga?

As much as I Love Lady GaGa, that’s a no. ‘She’s a monster’ just means ‘she’s fierce, she’s on fire, she’s out of her shell’. We had no intent on that at all. Honestly I didn’t know anything about the connection until after the fact.

Are you a party girl? If so (and even if you’re not!) – share your wildest party experience with me. No holding back!

Well, there have been so many!!! Haha, but I would have to say that anytime Matthew Paul and Veva get together…Enough said!

What’s next for you?

Sky’s the limit! I’m working on a plethora of projects right now including a few music videos and more music. So I’m geared up and ready to take on the world! I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for myself and Team Veva! Get your fangs out!

You can get ‘GBF’ soundtrack on iTunes.


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Today I’m spinning for the second time at NYC’s ‘FairyTail Lounge’ (500 W 48th st) and it’s all about CLUELESS, JAWBREAKER, MEAN GIRLS and new teen classic – GBF (coming to NYC on Jan, 24th). Fun and bitchiness kicks off at 10pm.


Mikey Moscow’s Jawbreaker Party (17 March 2012)

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At my March party I decided to share my favorite movie ‘Jawbreaker’ with the guests and the friends. We kicked the night off watching Darren Stein’s cult classic on a big screen and then danced the night away to an energetic mix of current pop hits, some ‘Jawbreaker’ soundtrack excerpts (Shampoo and Imperial Teen) and some punchy pop punk numbers to keep the 90s spirit alive. As the movie’s climax takes place during the prom and Russian proms are usually quite shady compared to the American ones, I organized a voting for bar’s king and queen. In a surprise turn of events we ended up having two kings (both my friends and both named Alexey) and one lucky queen Yana. They got their crowns and corsages and I got my fun throwing glitter at them. No backstabbing and public humiliation that night, sorry.

By the way you can read my interview with ‘Jawbreaker’ director Darren Stein here.

Over 30 photos under the cut

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Hard candy: Darren Stein re-visits his cult 90’s flick ‘Jawbreaker’

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Despite its lack of fame ‘Jawbreaker’ is a perfect example of what teen cinema looked like in the late-90s. It was dark, smart, tongue-in-cheek, self-aware, colorful (but not glossy!) and iconic. Much like ‘Scream’ and ‘Buffy’ did several years before, ‘Jawbreaker’ blended pop cultural references, post-modernism and dark humor into one hell of a ‘Heathers’-meets-‘Carrie’ mix, which to these days does not look dated thanks to Stein’s ability to create timeless style. The movie told a story of three of the most popular high school girls, whose prank on their forth friend turned deadly, when the Birthday girl choked on a jawbreaker.

Although not very large, Darren’s filmography has a lot of tasty offerings. There’s a cute 1997’s feel-good dramedy ‘Sparkler’. There’s an incredibly brave documentary ‘Put the camera on me’ (2003) on Stein’s childhood homemade movies. There’s a short ‘Color Me Olsen’ (2007) – a Hollywood satire that continues exploring ‘Jawbreaker’s idea of evil side of the bright lights. Next stop for Darren is a comeback to teen cinema – his future project is called ‘G.B.F.’.  And judging by the script’s excerpts Darren showed me, it’s going to be a good blend of both 90s rebelliousness and 00s glamour.

But when I sat down to chat with Darren in a sunny LA café back in September 2010, ‘G.B.F.’ wasn’t in the cards yet. While the plan to bring ‘Jawbreaker’ back to life as a musical was full-on (several concert versions were held to promote the project during the course of the last couple of years). Considering Darren’s involvement with the musical as a screenwriter and my eternal love for his movie, it’s quite natural that our discussion was mainly focused on the story of a murderous high school clique. Over a couple of healthy LA sandwiches ever-energetic Darren revealed lots of ‘Jawbreaker’ secrets: from on-set dramas to sequel ides, from the movie’s disappointing box office to ‘Mean Girls’ ripping-off ‘Jawbreaker’, from Natalie Portman to Marilyn Manson.

Enjoy this geek-pleasing discussion of one of the most criminally overlooked movies of the 90s which is finally receiving more attention with the musical version on the horizon. And please note that the interview was taken back in September 2010, so some of Darren’s projects and plans (such as ‘Coven’) have either been shifted or put on hold. Though ‘Jawbreaker’ is still here and still looks great. In the words of ‘Satan on heels’ herself, miss Courtney Shayne: ‘Deal with it’.


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