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Интервью с Marina and the Diamonds

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С Marina and the Diamonds я хотел пообщаться давно. Даже очень давно: с тех пор, как услышал ее чуднУю и чудесную ‘Mowgli’s Road’ и почитал ее весьма саркастичный блог в 2008-м. В 2011 я чуть было не познакомился с ней в Нью-Йорке. «Чуть было», потому что не признал в новоявленной блондинке певицу и всю ночь танцевал рядом, так и не опознав эту Примадонну. Этой весной мне наконец-то выпал шанс поговорить с Мариной — для журнала Interview Russia накануне выхода ее третьей пластинки ‘Froot’.

Русскую версию читайте тут, в оригинал — ниже.


You always take you album campaigns quite seriously. So what’s the concept behind ‘Froot’?

With ‘Froot’ I wanted the strategy to be distinctive. So I came up with a plan called ‘Froot of the month’, which meant that when you pre-order the album I’d send you a brand new song from the album every month until the album release. So each song has its own visual world, video, all that kind of thing.

So this is the 1st album you recorded on your own?


Was it harder or more liberating?

Oh, definitely more liberating! I would say songwriting was easier in a way, because I had this artistic clarity versus writing with other people and trying to come up with the songs that would ‘work’ commercially. I didn’t want to do another electropop album. The production was very different two: just me co-producing everything with one person for three month. It’s actually not my favorite thing at what I do. But I enjoyed it nevertheless, as much as I could.

You do quite a lot of misspelling: froot, teen idle, shampaigne… What’s the idea behind it?

I love words! And I love messing with them. I think with ‘Froot’ spelling it in a way with how it sounded made it look more playful. That’s what I’m interested in as a musician – with my sound blending with natural human sounds and electronic sound. It’s also visually what I do: I really like blending themes of nature with modern life.

Your favorite fruit? Song and an actual fruit.

The fruit-fruit is probably mango and I like lychee as well. And my favorite song off the album changes a lot. I really ‘Savages’ and ‘Better Than That’.

Should we expect you to dress up as a fruit like Katy Perry does?

Ha, no!

You did perform in Moscow. What do you remember from that gig?

It was very positive. I’ve some time in Russia and Ukraine when I was younger, so I was very pleased to go back and to see that I have a fanbase there. I remember I played the same festival as Courtney Love did and I really loved her.

Do people really mistake you for Catherine Zeta-Jones (as you mentioned in your ‘Hollywood’ song)?

No, haha! No we do look quite similar, it’s that Celtic welsh blood.

I remember when you and I do were partying in a small bar in New York back in 2011. And I didn’t recognize you because you just went blonde.

Oh, no, really?! Haha! That’s so funny!

Do you plan any more dramatic changes to your appearance in the future?

I don’t think so, no. These days I look quite similar to how I looked during my first album. ‘Electra Heart’ look was built for that character. And now it’s kind of a relief to not have to dress up, if I’m honest.

What did you learn from being Electra Heart persona?

Most of things I’ve learned was about what I didn’t want to be as an artist and what I didn’t really like about being in this industry. There are parts of the industry which I love but I think if you’re pretending to be a popstar, then you have to go through the popstar system and they talk to you as if you’re quite dumb and as if you don’t write your own music. I didn’t really appreciate that. But I did like being an electropop artist. I’m happy where I am now with ‘Froot’.

Let’s get one thing clear: Primadonna was a sarcastic statement, right? Was there a lot of people who thought you were being dead serious?

I don’t know… I think most of the people knew it was this theatrical sarcastic song. But who knows?

What gets you excited in the current pop landscape?

I really like BANKS, Broods, Childish Gambino, Lykke Li, Clean Bandit.

The blog you ran back in 2008 was very sassy. Will you ever blog again?

Oh, no, you remember! Haha. I am interested in keeping a very genuine direct communication with fans. So I’m doing these FAQs now.

The thing we do here at the Interview magazine is making one celebrity interview other celebrity. So if you were to interview one famous person, who would you choose?

I would choose the photographer Cindy Sherman, musician Daniel Johnston and Marilyn Monroe.

Okay, I’ll see if when can hook you up with those. And if you were to start an ultimate girlband who would you invite?

Oh, wow. I would choose Bjork, my friend Lizzy from MS MR, Brody Dalle from The Distillers and Debbie Harry from Blondie.

I would definitely check out this record!

Well, thank you very much, I’ve got one fan!

A lot of your new songs are rather dramatic and pensive. Does it mean the days of ‘Primadonna’ and ‘Mowgli’s Road’ are over?

Each album is a chapter of your life, some have different colors and moods to the other ones. ‘Electra Heart’ was a very high energy album. I feel more flexible in terms of what I can do creatively now, so who know what’s gonna come up.

Is acting something you’d ever consider trying?

Yes, I would.

Do you still live in the state of dreaming?

It’s good to dream and to think about what you want.

Купить ‘Froot’ можно на iTunes

Интервью с Indiana

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Когда артист заимствует имя у Индианы Джонса, а вдохновение черпает в фильме «Драйв», его музыка обязательно получится весьма увлекательной. И дебютная пластинки начинающей британской певицы Indiana ‘No Romeo’ совсем не разочаровала. Среди моих фаворитов на альбоме — песни ‘Solo Dancing’, ‘No Romeo’ и  ‘New Heart’: все три — приятная смесь трип-хопа и поп-музыка, украшенная отстраненным вокалом Индианы. Должен согласиться с рецензией The Guardian: эта запись и правда заслуживает куда большего внимание, чем она получила. Так что я с радостью пообщался с Индианой для Cosmopolitan Россия: тут читайте русскую версию интервью, а ниже — оригинал.

Кстати ‘No Romeo’ сейчас стоит всего 69 рублей на iTunes!

First of all, thanks for a great record: I can’t get ‘No Romeo’ and ‘Solo Dancing’ out of my head for a week! And now that the album is out, do you feel relieved?

It’s a great feeling having it out there, I’m finding new people are discovering it every day.

In one interview you said that you didn’t plan to become a musician, but the music eventually found you. Can you elaborate on this? What’s your story?

I didn’t set out with a plan to release an album and become a recording artist. I was just using music as a creative outlet and because I loved it. Soon I discovered that I had so much within my reach and I became very determined and now I set myself so many new goals and aspirations.

You’re not just a passionate musician, you’re also a mother of two. How did being in the spotlight change your family routine?

It’s not at all really, I’ve always been a working mum. My jobs just a bit more interesting and rewarding now.

You also said that there are a lot of hidden meanings in your lyrics. What’s the funniest way someone has misinterpreted your lyrics so far?

Maybe that people actually think ‘Solo Dancing’ is just one big innuendo! It’s funny but also a little frustrating, it’s meant to be a song of empowerment… Maybe masturbation is empowering?

Do you actually enjoy solo dancing?

I love doing a lot of stuff alone, maybe it comes with having children but I find so much comfort in my solitude.

What’s the perfect settings to listen to you music?

Driving or in the studio.

There are a lot of nuances and undertones in your sound. How do you come up with all of this and where do you find inspiration?

Anything and everything, I see myself as a storyteller. My songs draw on personal experiences but they aren’t biographical. It’s more challenging when writing and interesting when listening, I think.

You play with food a lot in ‘Solo Dancing’ video. Is it something you always liked doing? And are you a good cook?
I like to think I can bake… My children will tell you different. I enjoy food so much, too much I think. If I’m not eating I’m thinking about eating.

How many takes did it take to get that shot of you laying on a bed with the milk spilling on the table right?
Just one, which was lucky ’cause we only had one carton.

When will we see you in Russia? And are you familiar with anything Russian?

Whenever you fancy, I’ve never been. I’m sure my band would love to sample some proper vodka… And of course I will join them!

I like your sense of style a lot: it’s very chic without trying too hard. What are the inspirations?

My biggest inspiration was always Debbie Harry back in the day: she’s boyish in a girly way.

Any fashion tips for the spring?

Little boxy tees with a mini skirt.

Five fun facts about Indiana are…

I’ve been driving since I was 17 but only got my license when I was 21.

I have a guilty obsession with Kim Kardashian.

My favourite film is Drive.

I would love to write a song with Prince

Sometimes I don’t change my socks everyday.

Фото — Tim Mattia

10 песен для отличных «Суббот»

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The Saturdays довольно любопытная группа. Они вместе уже шесть лет (вечность в мире женской поп-музыки), но почти ни разу не сделали ничего дерзкого: никаких скандалов, драм и экспериментов – вместо этого браки, вежливые улыбки и ленивые танцы. Но хоть они и отказывались рисковать на протяжении своей карьеры, эти девушки также умудрились записать целую коллекцию отличных песен. Теперь они выпускают первый (и будем надеяться не последний) сборник лучших хитов: самое время пробежаться по их дискографии и выбрать оттуда десятку лучших песен. Итак – моя личная коллекция The Saturdays.


Первый сингл The Saturdays (‘If This Is Love’) было легко пропустить: шуму они наделали со вторым синглом – убийственным поп-хитом ‘Up’. Правда остерегайтесь альбомной версии: вся магия – в версии для радио. Какой припев!

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Finale Aloud: Ten The Hits Tour 2013

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Girls Aloud O2 2013

Girls Aloud проделали долгий путь, постоянно разрушая поп-стереотипы и расправляясь с предрассудками: уже их первый сингл был вдохновлен драм-н-бэйсом, а 20-й — наследием Ибицы. Тур ‘Ten’ подошел к концу (как и вообще история группы), и теперь самое время вспомнить о трех концертах в Лондоне и Манчестере, на которые мне удалось попасть.

Жмите на «Read More», чтобы увидеть отчет, фото и видео

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Girls Aloud в Harper’s Bazaar

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Летом 2011-го я в прямом смысле слова столкнулся с прекрасной ирландкой Nadine Coyle — 1/5 лучшего герлбенда в истории Girls Aloud. Дело было на вечеринке «On Top» в Нью-Йорке: кутили мы всю ночь, а потом провели большое интервью. Часть этой беседы попала в февральский номер Harper’s Bazaar Russia — аккурат к началу турне группы ‘Ten’ в Великобритании (на которое я, разумеется, сейчас и лечу). Ниже — журнальная страница, а полную версию интервью покажу чуть позже.

 photo hb-feb13-2_zps03293c35.jpg
Я даже попал в раздел «Авторы» — это всегда приятный бонус.

 photo hb-feb13-1_zpsce6eabba.jpg

Mercedes (Shut Your Pretty Mouth, UK)

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Shut Your Pretty Mouth — журнал совершенно в моем стиле: он британский, им заведует Maya von Doll в компании подруг, посвящено издание крутым поп-артисткам (как независимым, так и мейнстримным), да и вообще журнал более чем крутой. Так что упустить возможность пообщаться для свежего номера с начинающей певицей-рэпершей Mercedes я не мог. Читайте интервью ниже или отправляйтесь на сайт журнала и качайте полную версию журнала.

Mercedes by Mikey Moscow Mercedes by Mikey Moscow

Подробности о Mercedes — на ее Facebook-странице